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How it all started

PASSPERU SR Ltda. It was constituted in the year 2017 by its founding partner, Mr. Marco Aurelio Zuta Ruiz, who already had in mind to start his own company in the Tourism Guild for many years ago, which was the knowledge of his family and those who supported to start work this year.

Little by little they were in charge of positioning in the market the name of the agency, looking for clients to which they could offer their services to them.

Being a very young company and with more than 17 years of experience in the tourism sector of its founder, the objective of making available to the world a personalized service for the management of its air reserves, hotel and other products of great demand of the travelers who Visit PERU, with a new portfolio that was created to offer a wide variety of tourist options.

In addition to improving the quality standards in terms of customer service, always seeking the support of the technology and keeping the staff of the company, who is highly qualified and experienced in the management of tourism, in constant training.

Marco Zuta - Founder Pass Peru


To offer quality, security and technology in tourism services, travel, conventions and events, satisfying the needs of our customers, being an organization of vanguard at the national level, supporting us in our human resource and in the Continuous improvement in the quality of the processes, contributing to the social development of the country.


To position ourselves for the year 2021, as one of the most prestigious companies of travel, tourism, Services of third, leader of services in Peru and to achieve through the effort, innovation, technology and continuous improvement, a dynamic of services and development That responds to the demands, needs and challenges of the changing global environment; In such a way as to ensure our success in time

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